The Networks tab provides you with a comprehensive view of your network connections. You can view and manage configurations across the public cloud and Kubernetes connections that have been set up. You can also check which applications are running, access servers in the cloud provider environment, and view application logs.


View Networks

Click the Manage tab, then click the Networks tab.


The following information is shown for each network:

  • Network name
  • Connected public cloud or Kubernetes service
  • The VPC and Subnet settings
  • The number of application environments using the network

Create a New Network

To begin, click the Manage tab, then click the Networks tab, then clickto create a new network. Enter a Network Name, then click Create.


Add a Public Cloud Account or Kubernetes Service

ShuttleOps lets you add and configure multiple connections to a network. To add a new public cloud account or Kubernetes service to an existing network, click on the Network tab, then clickto connect more services.


Once you're done adding and configuring the network, click Close to finish.