ShuttleOps lets you deliver build artifacts to your connected Chef Habitat or DockerHub artifact repositories. Destination tasks contain the basic information needed to access your build repositories.


Click the Build tab. Clickto create a new build pipeline or click Edit on an existing pipeline.  For every new pipeline, ShuttleOps will guide you through the initial setup, including selecting the source code repository that you will build your code from.


For Chef Habitat, select the Chef Habitat Destination and enter the following information.


Building to  The default Chef Habitat Builder URL is shown. If necessary, modify the URL to point to your Chef Habitat Builder.

Channel  Set the Chef Habitat Builder channel you are subscribing to. This value defaults to the unstable channel.

Origin  Enter the name of one of the origins in your Chef Habitat Builder. This will be the default build location, however, you can use any of the origins in the account.


For DockerHub, select the Docker Destination and enter the following information.


Building to  The registry account that you connected to on the Container Registry card.  This is the account that you will be building to.

Namespace  This is the Namespace that the artifact will be built to.

Tag  Enter the tag name for the build artifact.


Once you are done, click Save to confirm your selections and exit the modal.