You can connect multiple Container Registry accounts to ShuttleOps. All of your set up connections will be available in Build and Deploy task configurations. ShuttleOps supports all V2 container registries.  In this example, we will guide you through creating a DockerHub account that we can use within the Container Registry connect card.

Note: If you’d like to deploy containers from the public domain, you don't need to set up a connection. The Container Registry connection is only necessary for building and deploying private containers.

Setup a DockerHub Account

Step 1: Sign Up for a DockerHub Account

Navigate to and create an account.

Remember that the “Docker ID” you choose here will be the username you will use to log into DockerHub as well as the username you will need to set up the Container Registry connection.


Step 2: Generate a token

Once you have logged in to DockerHub, navigate to the drop-down on the right that has your username and a fingerprint icon and click on Account Settings from the drop-down.

On the Account Settings page, select the Security tab on the left.

Click New Access Token to create an access token to use within ShuttleOps. Enter a descriptive token name so you know which service is using the token.

Copy and save the token displayed on the screen, it won’t be displayed again and you will have to regenerate the token if you lose it!


Connect a Container Registry

Click the Connect tab. Click Connect (or Edit) on the Container Registry card.


If you’ve already connected a Container Registry account to ShuttleOps and you want to connect another account, click + Add New. Enter the following information to connect your Container Registry account to ShuttleOps. When you’re done, click Save.


Name  Choose a name that will be used to reference this connection in the rest of the app.

Registry URL  ShuttleOps provides the default Docker Registry URL here.

Username  For DockerHub connections, enter the Docker ID here.

Token  Insert the access token generated here.


Disconnect a Container Registry Account

You can disconnect a Container Registry account from ShuttleOps. Click the Connect tab. Click Edit on the Container Registry task. Select a credential from the drop-down list, then click Delete Connection.