ShuttleOps lets you share certain connections within your organization.  You can share your AWS, GCP, Azure and other connections at the organization, team and user level. The following instructions describe how to share and manage your shared connections in ShuttleOps.

Share a connection

Click the Connect tab, then click Edit on the tile.


Complete the following steps to share your connection.

1. Click on Share Connection

This will open the Share Connection modal.  The name of the connection will be displayed at the top.


2. Select or type in the name of an organization, team or user

You can add multiple teams or users at the same time.  


3. Click on Share

The active share recipient names will appear in the section below.  Each user within the list will receive a notification informing them of the newly shared connection.



Remove a shared connection

You can remove a shared connection.

Click the Connect tab, then click Edit on the tile, then click on Share Connection.

To remove a shared connection, just click on the icon in line.