Use Dashboards to quickly access the information you need the most. Add widgets to your dashboard to help you manage and execute your build and deployment pipelines, check your pipeline performance, monitor your application and environment health and invite users to your organization. You can also share your dashboards with users and teams in your organization.

Create a Dashboard

Click the Dashboard tab, then click Create New Dashboard.


Enter a name for the dashboard, then click Create. Enter the following information to configure your dashboard.


Select a Column Layout

Use the list in the top-right corner to select the number of columns and style to use in the dashboard layout.

Add Widgets

Click Add to select the widgets you want to use. To add a widget to the dashboard, just click the widget and click Add

You can choose from the following widgets.

  • Active Tasks:  View a list of pipelines awaiting the user/team’s approval or acknowledgement.

  • Application Environment Metrics:  View and lists the overall health for all running applications.

  • Application Metrics Trend:  Multi-data set chart with the application’s environment

  • Applications Overview:  View an overview of all your applications

  • Better With Friends:  Invite users to join your ShuttleOps organization. 

  • Build Pipelines:  View all of your organization’s build pipelines. 

  • Deploy Pipelines:  View all of your organization’s deployment pipelines. 

  • Pipeline Performance History:  View the performance history for a build or deployment pipeline. 

  • Recent Pipeline Execution:  Displays high-level information on recently executed pipelines.

You can pin pipelines you check frequently to the top of the widget. You can also search and sort the list of pipelines (click on the widget for sort options). To manage or execute a pipeline, click  on the pipeline tile for options.

Rearrange and Remove Widgets

To rearrange the widgets on your dashboard, clickon a widget and drag the widget to a new position. To delete a widget, click then click Remove Widget.

View and Pin Dashboards

Click the Dashboard tab to access all of your dashboards, then click a dashboard to open it. You can pin your favorite dashboards below the Dashboard icon for easy access. Pinned dashboards also appear at the top of the Dashboard tab.

Share a Dashboard

You can share a dashboard with other ShuttleOps users in your organization. Just click  on the dashboard tile and select the user or team you want to share the dashboard with. Or select an organization to share the dashboard with everyone.

As the dashboard owner, only you are allowed to make changes to the shared dashboard. If another user tries to add or remove widgets, the revised dashboard will be saved as a new dashboard for the user.

Rename or Delete a Dashboard

If you want to change the dashboard name, click on the dashboard tile, then click Rename. To delete a dashboard, click then click Delete.