Use the notifications icon to view your unread in-app notifications and complete your assigned tasks. This icon appears in the top-right corner of every page. If you have unread tasks or notifications, the number of unread messages is shown on the icon.


Tip You can select the types of notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. You can receive notifications in ShuttleOps (via the notifications icon), by email, and in Slack.

Manage Your Tasks

You can be assigned tasks as part of a build or deployment pipeline. For example, you may be required to provide an approval or acknowledgement before the pipeline execution can proceed.

To view your tasks, click the notifications icon. The notifications panel opens and the Tasks tab is selected by default. Respond to a task by selecting an action. For example, you may be required to approve or reject a pipeline. Once you respond to a task, it’s removed from the list. When you’re done, click away to close the notifications panel.

Manage Your Notifications

You can receive build and deployment notifications. To view your notifications, click the notifications icon. Click the Notifications tab to view your unread messages. Click a notification to view more information as well as any actions you can take, such as viewing deployment logs.

To mark a message as read, hover over the message and click the envelope icon. To mark all of your unread notifications as read, click Mark All As Read. Once a notification is marked as read, it’s removed from the notifications icon. When you’re done, click away to close the notifications panel.