The Environments tab provides you with a comprehensive view of your deployment environments. You can view the number of deployments, application components, and instances for each environment. You can also check application components and the instances where the components are running, access servers in the cloud provider environment, and view application logs.

Tip  If you’re more interested in viewing details about your deployed applications, use the Applications tab.

View Deployment Environments

Click the Manage tab, then click the Environments tab. You can pin environments that you check frequently to the top of the Environments tab for easy access.


The following information is shown for each environment:

  • Environment name
  • Length of an average deployment, based on past deployments
  • Number of deployments to the environment
  • Number of applications currently deployed to the environment
  • Number of instances currently running in the environment

View Deployed Applications

On the Environments tab, click an environment name to view a detailed breakdown of the applications deployed to the environment.


Applications are listed alphabetically. The following information is shown for each application:

  • Application name
  • Link to access the virtual server in the cloud environment. To change the preferred URL, hover over the URL, then click.
  • ShuttleOps user who created the pipeline
  • Click View Application Logs to view the logs from the cloud provider. You can filter the logs by date and by the application components running on the server.
  • Application components included in the deployment. Each component is linked to the instance where the component is running. Click an instance to view the results of the instance health check.
  • To view the instance logs or to copy the instance URL, click the instance, then click .

Delete a Deployed Application

When you delete a deployed application, the instances are terminated in the public cloud environment. In addition, the deployment pipeline used to create the deployment will be deleted from ShuttleOps.

On the Environments tab, click an environment name. The applications currently deployed to the environment are shown. To delete an application, click on the application card, then click Delete. To confirm the deletion, enter the application name and environment, then click Delete.