Your deployment pipeline must contain an Application Component node. Use this node to select the application components to be deployed. You can select application components from ShuttleOps build pipelines as well as components from your artifact repositories. Note that only one Application Component node is allowed in a deployment pipeline.


Click the Deploy tab. Clickto create a new deployment pipeline or click Edit on an existing pipeline.


Click the Application Components node. (If you've accidentally deleted this node, you can add it to the pipeline.)


Complete the following steps to configure the node. When you’re done, click away to close the node.

Add Application Components

Click Click to Add, then select one or more application components from the Build Pipelines and/or Chef Habitat tabs, then click Add.

Build Pipelines  Select application components created by ShuttleOps build pipelines.

Chef Habitat  Select application components from Chef Habitat Builder. Use the list at the top of the window to search by Chef Habitat Builder account, origin, and package. This list includes your Chef Habitat Builder connections as well as packages on Chef Habitat Builder Depot.

Change Configuration Settings

Click  to change the default configuration settings for an application component, including the administrator password. Note that the available settings will vary for different application components.

You can also bind dependent components. Note that bound components must be in the same deployment environment. In the Application Components window,  is shown between bound components.

Add an On Push Trigger for an Application Component

Select  on the application component tile if you want to run the pipeline automatically when the component is updated in the artifact repository. A Chef Habitat Builder trigger for the component is automatically added to the start of the pipeline.

Remove an Application Component

Click X on an application component tile to remove it from the node.