Code tasks contain the application components included in the build. When configuring a Code task, you can select application components from the source control repository and organization you’re currently using in ShuttleOps.


Click the Build tab. Clickto create a new build pipeline or click Edit on an existing pipeline.  For every new pipeline, ShuttleOps will guide you through the initial setup, including selecting the source code repository that you will build your code from.


Once the pipeline is setup, complete the following steps to configure the task. When you’re done, click away to close the modal.

Open the code modal and select the repository you want to build from.  


Set a Build Configuration

ShuttleOps allows you to manage basic settings of your build configuration.  If you don't already have a Chef Habitat plan file, we will help you create and manage one.

When you’re done, click Save.


Configure the Application Component

In the top-right corner, select the configuration icon to select the branch to build. If you want to run the pipeline automatically when the component is updated in the source control repository, activate the Webhook triggers toggle. An On-Push trigger for the component will automatically be added to the start of the pipeline.

Remove an Application Component

Clickon an application component card to remove it from the step.