You can connect a Slack workspace to ShuttleOps. Each member of the Slack workspace must create their own Slack connection in ShuttleOps.

Note  When you create a Slack connection, it’s linked to the organization you’re currently using in ShuttleOps. This allows you to connect a different Slack workspace to each of your organizations.

Connect to a Slack Workspace

Click the Connect tab, then click Connect on the Slack card.


Click Add to Slack. If you’re not currently signed into Slack in your browser, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Slack workspace. After you sign in, the Slack authorization page opens.


Select a channel or Slack member, then click Allow to grant ShuttleOps access to your Slack workspace. (Messages will be sent to the selected channel or member when the ShuttleOps app is added or removed in the workspace.)

ShuttleOps is now connected to your Slack workspace. You’ll see the shuttleops app in the Recent Apps list. If the app isn’t listed, click + beside Direct messages and search for shuttleops. Select the shuttleops app, then click Go. The app should now appear in your Recent Apps list.


Any ShuttleOps build and deployment notifications sent to a Slack member will be sent as a direct message to the user. Keep in mind that you can send notifications to all Slack members using a channel.

Change or Disconnect a Slack Connection

If you want to connect to a different Slack workspace, click Edit on the Slack card. Select Sign out of Slack to disconnect your current Slack workspace, then click Sign in with Slack to connect to a different workspace.

If you want to remove your Slack connection, click Disconnect on the Slack card.