• ShuttleOps currently supports running applications under the Chef Habitat Supervisor v0.79.1.  Support for other versions of Chef Habitat is coming soon.

  • Yes. ShuttleOps leverages Chef Habitat, which is great for packaging and managing the application lifecycle of COTS applications. Once packaged with Chef Habitat, you can use ShuttleOps to assist with building, deploying and managing your COTS applications in the Cloud.

  • Currently, ShuttleOps integrates with Chef Habitat. Future integrations will include Chef Automate to facilitate continuous compliance via Chef InSpec and configuration management / compliance remediation via Chef Infra.

  • This really depends on what you have in place and what your total cost of ownership is. For instance, if you have CI nodes that take substantial management, you may want to consider replacing this with ShuttleOps, so your pipelines are fully managed and able to scale. You can use some or all of ShuttleOps to help you accelerate application delivery. 

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  • The roadmap is always being updated. Please check back often to view planned features and technology integrations.

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  • The ShuttleOps Preview supports building and deploying applications to Linux.

    Future updates will include support for Windows.