• Yes, you can have as many team members as you want try ShuttleOps while on the free tier.

    ShuttleOps organizations align with GitHub organizations.  As long as you and your team members are part of the same GitHub organization you can use ShuttleOps together.

  • You can reach out to your account manager or write to our support team if you'd like to change the plan.
  • The FREE tier will always be available and is not limited to a set duration.

    The ShuttleOps Preview will end when payment and pricing plans go live in the Fall of 2019. If you were provided limit increases during the Preview and your usage exceeds the FREE tier limits of deployed application components or monthly build minutes, we will notify you with an option to upgrade to the next tier.

  • A deployed application component is a runnable component that is deployed to a compute resource (e.g. AWS EC2 server).

    In the context of Chef Habitat, this would be equivalent to a Chef Habitat package that's deployed and running as a service under the Chef Habitat Supervisor.

    Each time an application component is deployed to a compute resource, it will count towards the number of total application components that can be deployed under your usage tier.

    For instance, if you have a database application component that you wish to deploy onto three compute resources to create a database cluster, each deployed database application component will count towards your total of allowed deployed application components under your usage tier.